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Given the fact that many countries which remained under the control of foreign powers for hundreds of years and could not compete Globally after they were freed and apart from the moving on the path of growth in accordance with Global trends, they had to protect their home industries by imposing import restrictions, high tariffs, custom restrictions, quotas on certain imported goods to protect and enable home industries to grow.

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Marks are awarded for structured and ordered representation of arguments. When we actually start listening, only then will we speak in one voice. USA has recently announced a hefty increase in import tariff on Aluminium and steel.

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Public debates are limited to finger pointing and name-calling, as there is no room left for listening to voices of disagreement. In managerial positions, you will be interacting with people from all walks of life. Avoid ambiguity of idea. Regularly practice writing essays, in a timed environment, preferably in topics that have already appeared in XAT in the past years as well as current affairs topics presently in the discussion. Further Reading : Watch videos by best in the industry experts to optimize your Essay Scores! Pick up topics from a wide variety of areas and practice writing an essay in 20 minutes. Suggested Reading: Sample Essay Listening is a dying art. It is clubbed with General Knowledge, and applicants are given a composite time of 40 minutes for both the sections. In the introduction, take a broad view, which gives the examiner an impression of your understanding of the topic. The panel also judges your clarity of thoughts, logical hints, focus and concentration, etc. As far as grammar proficiency is concerned, we suggest that you re-visit the standard English Grammar books studied in school. The Jingoist action has been criticized by Europe, China and World Trade Organization alike and is viewed as a step to stop spread of Globalization. Marks are deducted for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Since you have to write only words, there is little room for beating around the bush.

Practice fast and error-free writing on a computer so that on the day of the exam, you do not find yourself inconvenienced by your unfamiliarity with the computer keyboard or typing speed.

Quite recently, Jingoism-the national patriotism to somewhat extreme level has again started overpowering the Globalization even in developed countries.

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It is now for the country, understanding among the people how they keep a balance between Globalization and Jingoism. Remember, impressive essays do not always have excessive jargons or atypical words. The essay is used as a tool to judge the social and ethical values of the aspirant as the written piece provides a valuable insight into the mind of the test taker. As we continue to embrace liberalism, there is a greater need to adopt it more comprehensively. This has irked the targeted Islamic countries. In this article, we will provide you with a strategy on how to prepare for the XAT essay and how to approach the topic given to you in the exam. If using quotations, make sure to attribute it correctly. Structure, argument and several other factors that you portray through your essay is judged as well. Last but not the least, lots and lots of practice is the only way to go if you want to score well in the XAT essay. Key points to highlight during the Essay Writing Test As mentioned above, you already know which are the desired qualities you need to have and show case, through your essay. Do not mix styles of writing. Selective listening is a hurdle in our efforts to synthesize diverse viewpoint. Regularly browse through newspapers, newspaper editorials, business and current affairs magazines, particularly all in English to broaden your knowledge base as well as improve on your vocabulary.

Conclude with your own opinion, ideas and suggestions which are forward looking and optimistic. Further Reading : Watch videos by best in the industry experts to optimize your Essay Scores!

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One main criterion for writing an interesting essay would be to think of what the reader would like to know from the essay. In order for you to make your essay content-rich, you must read on a regular basis, newspapers, current affairs magazines, fiction and non-fiction books.

The section does not have provision for negative marking but is adjudged on the basis of following parameters: Structure — logical flow of ideas and strong arguments in the context of the given topic.

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Do not simply state your point of view; instead, support your idea with details.

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