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Kristallnacht Pogrom On November 9, vom Rath died at a hospital in Paris after Hitler sent his own personal physician for his care. To do this I researched various newspapers and magazines to try to get a sense of how Americans reacted throughout the decades.

The scroll was commissioned by his great-grandfather in and was used for generations in the synagogue of Rheda, a small town in Westphalia, Germany, whose synagogue was burnt to the ground in during Kristallnacht. The official German position on these events, which were clearly orchestrated by Goebbelswas that they were spontaneous outbursts.

All of these different cities choose to memorialize the Holocaust in their own specific way. Lessons from history are seldom learned.

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This began the events of Kristallnacht and the first major imprisonment and deportation of Jews to concentration camps. One reason was anxiety over the possibility that Nazi infiltrators would be encouraged to legally settle in the U.

This, plus his ensuing anti-Semitic comments, stained his status as an American hero.

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From Philadelphia Inquirer, 16 November Rath died two days later from his wounds, and Hitler attended his funeral. They will reference the handout they use to define these terms when they study the Holocaust in later lessons, so it is important that they keep it accessible with their journals and notes.

Vom Rath was a professional diplomat with the Foreign Office who expressed anti-Nazi sympathies, largely based on the Nazis' treatment of the Jews, and was under Gestapo investigation for being politically unreliable.

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This, however, was only one aspect of the origin of the November pogrom. Origin of Date The origin of the anniversary date of Kristallnacht is another issue with certain discrepancies surrounding it. The state had confiscated our bank account. In times of crisis, people are not always what they seem to be. In the first place, it is the term which has been used now for fifty years and connotes significant meaning to those who study the Holocaust. This made lots of people who had previously thought not thought of themselves as Jewish, or those who no longer practiced Judaism, potential targets of persecution. Spanier applied for an American visa, but none was forthcoming. The opposite was true. In England, the Manchester Guardian fully covered the events surrounding Kristallnacht. My non-Jewish mother had resisted the pressure to divorce her husband and quit a marriage defined by the Nazis as rassenschande, racial disgrace. Police were also instructed to seize Jewish archives from synagogues and community offices, and to arrest and detain "healthy male Jews, who are not too old", for eventual transfer to labor concentration camps. From Philadelphia Inquirer, 16 November Adolf Vees; Right : Interior of the Zerrennerstrasse synagogue after its destruction on Kristallnacht.

Comparisons of Anniversaries and Commemorations In order to answer the question of how Kristallnacht was preserved in American memory, I decided to research various newspaper and magazine articles written during the sequential ten-year commemorations of the event.

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