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Revenues or earnings derived from the vermicomposting systems be it primary benefits or secondary were valued and treated as benefits.

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Farmers are choosing to vermicompost for several reasons. Improvement in the percolation property of clay soils from the compost's granular nature. Through vermiconposting, adoptors can recycle their own resources and create an effective fertilizer in the process. Hendrix, Eds. Check the moisture level of your composting bin on a reguler basis and always avoid sunlight from it or keep it close. The adoptors will be given options on ways to manage their wastes efficiently and they will not be forced to adopt the technology but through their own will. However, questions remain regarding the safety of this approach due to the potential for pathogen survival, and the effectiveness of vermicompost as a fertiliser or soil conditioner due to high soluble salt contents when applied in high concentrations. Take care of the worms should not come with the compost. You can use everything as raw material which can be biodegradable. Others want to produce vermicompost to increase their crop yields and reduce their use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. For every vermi bed with two kilograms kg. Black Gold: A guide to vermicomposting. Do not let the bin too dry or over water as it will kill your worms.

Improvement in the size and girth of plant stems. Then after, a layer of fine sand of the same thickness is to be spread over that which is followed by the garden soil, most of the same size.

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This includes farmers groups and subdivisions in nearby cities and municipalities; Bulk sale to producers and distributors of organic fertilizer that needs vermicast as one of its primary components; and High-end market in urban areas due to the popularity of organically grown farm produce among the rich residing in posh villages and other high-end residential areas.

With the process, the target beneficiaries will be empowered through the provision of various opportunities to choose from. Vermicomposting is a mesophilic process, utilizing microorganisms and earthworms, in which organic waste passes through the earthworm gut, whereby the resulting earthworm castings worm manure are rich in microbial activity and plant growth regulators, and fortified with pest repellence attributes as well.

Release of exchangeable and available forms of nutrients. Local agro-machinery shops can also fabricate the necessary equipment e. Of the three earthworm forms epigeic, endogeic and anecicepigeic earthworms those that live in the surface layer of the soil are the most suitable earthworms for vermicomposting process as they occupy the organic soil horizons and feed primarily on decaying organic matter.

Apply about to gm per sq.

Vermicomposting business plan ppt

Improvement of the water holding capacity in sandy soils. They can operate vermicompost facilities on their own or contract with a private entity. This means a yearly net return of P28, You can collect that prepare compost from composting bin after about three to four month of starting this composting process. Watering on the bed To prepare compost using the worms, it is necessary to maintain the moisture of mixture so that microorganism can grow rapidly for better compost. Pre-preparation including the collection of wastes of the degradable waste from the undegradable waste. Suggests five methods for removing mites from earthworm beds. Earthworms used in the vermicomposting process must possess the following characteristics: 1 high rates of organic matter consumption, digestion and assimilation; 2 high tolerance of environmental stress; 3 high reproductive rate; and 4 rapid growth and maturation rate of hatchlings.

Earthworms break up the organic material through physical action, which also increases turnover and aeration, increasing the activity rates of other microbial organisms. Farmers are choosing to vermicompost for several reasons.

Equitable distribution of income among the farmers would result to economic growth with equity. Community Development During the production stage, large volume of wastes is needed to produce large amount of vermicompost needed to fertilize large tracts of agricultural lands.

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Creation of a substitute protein in poultry and fish feed. Production of energy rich resources. Hendrix, Eds. You can collect that prepare compost from composting bin after about three to four month of starting this composting process. Local agro-machinery shops can also fabricate the necessary equipment e. Vermicomposting results in a better quality product that is produced in only weeks compared to ordinary compost that is produced in weeks. In the s, the dissemination of the technology was focused on boosting worm production basically for fishmeal, however, the cost of worms was still too high and becoming too expensive as feeds for the fishermen and hatchery owners because during that time the cost of commercial feeds was still comparatively low. Unlike composting however, vermicomposting includes action by earthworms as well as microorganisms, which acts to biodegrade organic waste at a faster rate. Agronomical studies show that earthworm-produced fertilizer is richer in plant nutrient than the soil, containing five times more nitrogen, seven times more phosphorus, 11 times more potassium, three times more exchangeable magnesium, and one and a half times more calcium. One such method that has become widely applied because of its simplicity, practicality and cost-effectiveness is vermicomposting, the process of composting with the use of earthworms. Aside from the economic gains, savings will also be derived by using the product itself and its derivatives. In: Earthworm Management in Tropical Agroecosystems.

Do follow them for preparing this compost.

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