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The hood could be a symbol for the vocalizers admiration and proud for his soda and the work class. When assuming that this is an autobiographical poem we could assume that the speaker undergoes the same change and this could be the meaning of the title. For Harrison, as for the ancient Greeks, poetry and the polis are linked. It was a dump. According to fellow poet Simon Armitage in the New Statesman, Harrison sees himself as a poet, regardless of the format of his writing. Like other English-language poets of his generation from Douglas Dunn in Scotland to Les Murray in Australia, Harrison has made translation vital to his art. He is a translator, director, playwright who says that all is implied in the job description: poet. To get there was hard going. I did a turn in it before the glass.

Soon their feet were cut and bleeding, but they kept walking. When that happens the appearance So there dad lied, his initials on the inside of his cap, Brylcreem slicks magazines? It was a dump.

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This turn made him more conscious of what it means to be working class. Standing right at the centre of this great circular theatre space, Harrison imagined what it would be like to read poetry there, and raised his eyes to where the very back row of the audience would have sat.

Linguistic and cultural translation, so important in poetry, are recurring topics in The Inky Finger of Defiance — which takes its title from a phrase used of Afghan women whose ink-stained fingers show that they have voted in an election. Cite This Document The cap lies upside-down, what is a visual image of the change.

Reading his prose reminds us that poetry — whether that of ancient Greek drama, or of Virgil, or of Shelley or of Harrison himself — can, in some of its modes, be intensely political.

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