Trolley dodger

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Every day is a day to celebrate that storied interurban. We have been here now for three whole years, with posts andpage views to date. There's a bit of uncertainty surrounding just when the Brooklyn baseball team became the Trolley Dodgers. As Ms. We know that the employees were very conscientious, and had an admirable safety record, but I am sure there were some.

Little Zetta Lumberg, aged four, was this morning said to be dying at St.

Trolley dodger

It seems miraculous no one was injured during filming. The following cartoon, from a trolley strike in with imagery seemingly inspired by Dr. Western Electrician, August 29, They were faster and cleaner than horse cars and cheaper to build and operate than cable cars.

Baseball would never have become what it is today without sportswriters. The extension was delayed for several years, and ultimately new cars were ordered.

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The Death-Toll Mounts Accidents and deaths occurred almost immediately and the death-toll climbed steadily as the number of trolley lines multiplied. Advertisement In the years that followed, trolley cars disappeared from the streets of Brooklyn and Los Angeles. Nearly every surface road in the city has made application to the Common Council and the State Railroad Commission for the privilege of changing their motive power from horses to the overhead electric system. This is worse than the Russians. With your support, we can continue to bring you more of these fine images in the future. Newspapers printed numerous accounts of accidents and stories about the double threat of electrocution and collision. CSL at 79th and Brandon.

To this we add a different page illustrated book from Thanks to a quick fundraiser, it will now be coming to the Illinois Railway Museum.

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