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After seeing the bad experiences of my friends with local used car shops, I thought that buying a used car is a pain. If you want that used car, but are nervous about reliability, you might want to look into factory-certified offerings.

We connect you with the best pre-owned car dealers so that you get the right deals at the perfect price. You can compare the rates available with different dealers on car selling websites like Autoportal.

It turns used-car buying into a new-car-buying experience. In developed economies, the ratio of people buying a new car and a pre-owned car ismeaning out of four people who buy a car, only one buys a new car and three settle for a used car, he said, adding that the trend of higher sales of pre-owned cars will continue in India.

As a result, several new financial institutions have entered this segment in the past couple of years with traditional strong lenders already present," Jain said.

Untilpre-owned car sales are expected to grow at an average When you sit down with the salesperson and present your offer, be firm but polite.

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Major Players. Here are the factors that affect the used car valuation in India.

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India's personal mobility ratio at about 28 per is way below the international average and. An old car with no upgrades will naturally fetch a lower value than a vehicle that is in excellent condition and has the latest updates. Similarly, from Axis bank, the used car loan interest rate is We were only selling 1. Buy Second-Hand Cars Online The best aspect of the second-hand car market in India is that people can have access to certified used cars at low prices as cheap second-hand cars are available throughout India. By , the company is planning to increase the outlets to 1, out of which 11 outlets will be dedicated only for the sale of luxury cars. Obtaining your car valuation online in India is possible. Knowing what other cars like the one you are bargaining over sell for is key to talking down a price.
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