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Sometimes an organization can go down before it even begins.

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As a manager, I never aspect bad thing, I never aspect it happen long time. The result is that most of the deserving employees do not get incentive of their hard work.

In competitive market we improve very quickly. When conducting business however, it is important to have an organization system.

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The ethical issues are prevalent in many organizations and range from a variety of unethical practices such as: officials padding their own bank accounts, engagement in bribes, inflation of profits to increase and cash in stock options, to name a few.

Individuals have the tendency to communicate in very different ways. Management must understand and be able to predict individual behavior in order to identify ways to change the cause of the behavior, and therefore change the behavior itself.

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How this applies to my organization, why OB is important, and what the power of the knowledge of OB is also discussed. Rational For Topic The increase of unethical behaviors has led to leaders implementation of creating ethically healthy climates with the use of ethical codes, guides to assist employees with faced with dilemmas, and training.

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