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The boy was very, very sorry for his clumsiness.

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Do you know that I go to school early on Tuesday mornings? I come from a small family. Level 2 During the school holidays, Aiman and his friends went on a camping trip to an island. Meanwhile, the girls planted some beautiful flowers around the field to beautify it. Ahmad and his classmates worked together to take some water from the stream. He quickly helped him. An audible sigh of relief can be heard in each classroom as the students immediately rush to the school tuck-shop. Level 3 During the last school holidays, Aiman and his friends went a camping trip to Pulau Kapas in Terengganu. They walked there because the playground was just a stones throw away from their house. Once it is up on the coconut tree, it uses its legs to get a grip on a palm leaf, then, hanging upside down, it twists the nut with its hands until the coconut drops. The thickness of a leopard's coat, the degree of spotting and the variations in coat color are indications of its particular habitat and the climate it inhabits. They put them in the plastic bags. It was a wounded little cat. Turtles in Terengganu The biggest tourist attraction on the East coast is the turtles of Terengganu. They al ways help their mother whenever they are free.

There is a cushioned chair and a big table for the teachers. The painting of nature, Malaysian scenes, flowers and fruits was of an exceptionally high standard. The prefect saw the boy. They get up early as they want to help their mother make kuih. At night, they set up a campfire.

Along the journey, they often grin from ear to ear.

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Banjir for one week had flooded the low-lying areas throughout the village. After they had finished their tasks, their teachers served them delicious lunch. They found a cat in the drain.

So a visitor has to wait patiently at night to see the turtles.

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