Romeo and juliet versus westside story compare and contrast essay

Tony just impales Bernardo with the knife and runs off. Both of the dramas take different paths, with various twists, and turns, but the final destinations are the same.

west side story intertextuality

They must go behind their parents back to be together, but their relationship only ends in the death of both of them, plus others close to them. In the two tragedies the major conflict is two opposing families, or gangs, do not agree of the relationship of their child.

Is west side story based on romeo and juliet

Lord Montague9. The lovers were separated because of gang related violence. They have no reason for their hatred at the beginning but their random fights fuel their hatred. However, there is a difference in that in Romeo and Juliet, Juliet was the one Title: The Tragedies of "Romeo and Juliet" and "West Side Story" words - 3 pages "Romeo and Juliet" and "West Side Story" are both timeless dramas that willlive forever, but "Romeo and Juliet" is a classic that has a much more powerfuland tragic impact on the reader than "West Side Story". The audience can infer that the families and gangs play a huge part in changing the plot line. Romeo-their son West Side Story Shakespeare's is one of the most read writers ever and his writing was so successful that not just one group of people liked it. Paris probably has the most true good intention, but if would not have challenged Romeo he would not have been killed.

There are two groups in both stories. This is further emphasized by the fact that religion plays a substantially lesser role in West Side Story than it does in Romeo and Juliet.

I believe that the play Romeo and Juliet can be portrayed anyway or have a twist imputed in the story and could grasp the attention of any age group at anytime. Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story both teach a lesson of how prejudice can teach you how to hate, and how one of your rivals may be the one who helps you remember how to love

Romeo and juliet and west side story comparison essay

Although some are touched by these love stories, others argue it tells a tale of young fools. They dance together and share a kiss before they are separated and realize who each other are. Friar Laurence-a holy man Both these films are about two lovers who fall in love despite being in rival gangs or families, which eventually leads to both lovers from both the films to being killed or committing suicide Romeo and Juliet Throughout Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet , fate manifests itself causing the destruction of many lives. Many of the events also reflect each other, yet small differences give them uniqueness. It is the perfect model to be used by other writers. There are also many visible similarities and differences between the two, but the use of a twist in West Side Story allows the storyline to become more relatable to the time era and keeps the audiences attention.
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Romeo and Juliet vs West Side Story