Revising a literary essay

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Make sure you follow the directions and do think-alouds to make your thought processes explicit. If you try to polish every sentence there's a chance you'll never get past the first chapter. The slip is easily corrected. Most good papers go through multiple drafts and therefore multiple revisions. Do you see the development of characters? After 20 minutes, refocus whole group. Have any potentially libelous statements been eliminated?

They usually know to check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling, but other details are often seen as less important because of the high emphasis placed on these problems in their early education.

You should have enough material to be persuasive in your conclusions. Research and Sources Is the research accurate, unbiased, and complete?

what is revising in writing

Are the page numbers correct? I subtract.

revising and editing

I just tend to work better by diving straight into the drafting process and then spending more time revising.

Heinemann, Two Kinds of Rewriting "[T]here are at least two kinds of rewriting. Typical Structure of Literary Analysis Essay A typical literary analysis essay always has an introduction, body part, conclusion.

How to revise an essay

Moore, The Mindful Writer. I'm always fiddling, always changing something. That is why exacting writers are known to have rewritten a famous paragraph or chapter six or seven times. In need of professional academic backing? Is the flow of the essay seamless? Accept imperfections. Ask students to place the form in their Tracking Progress folder, and collect students' folders. Get it finished and then you can go back.

Consider offering lined paper where every other line has an X or is highlighted in order to remind students to skip lines. MME For students who may need additional support with fine motor skills: Consider offering supportive tools e.

Be sure to highlight and praise growth and development rather than relative performance. Write your name on the board if you need help understanding it.

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Moore, The Mindful Writer. MacArthur, and Jill Fitzgerald. MMAE Some students may not yet have the stamina to write for 25 minutes. Scan student responses and make a note of students who may need more support with this moving forward. For ELLs and students who may need additional support with reading comprehension: Ensure all students clearly understand all assessment directions. Guilford Press, Revising Out Loud "You will find, to your delight, that reading your own work aloud, even silently, is the most astonishingly easy and reliable method that there is for achieving economy in prose, efficiency of description, and narrative effect as well. Anybody can do it. Place a star or a sticker at the goal point so that they can self-monitor their progress as they write. Point out the "Teacher Response" part under Question 2 and tell students that after class, you will read each student's reflection and respond with your feedback about his or her progress toward the skill. Don't try to perfect as you go along, just get to the end of the damn thing. Point out that because this progress sheet is about informative writing, the criteria on it are very similar to those on the Informative Writing Checklist. Post and review the following directions: Partner B reads essay aloud to A. Consider offering lined paper where every other line has an X or is highlighted in order to remind students to skip lines. Proofreading Has the writer checked grammar and punctuation?

I'm lucky that way.

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End of Unit 2 Assessment: Revising a Literary Essay