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I've been locked up since and I'm looking forward to coming home next summer. My name is Shane Anthony Smith. I've been busted for 12 years and I figured is time to interact with some females, time to shine I guess.

I enjoy reading, writing music, working out, playing sports, and drawing, but this one letter Other Pen Pal services from other providers are listed on this page and we suggest you place ads with them.

CaucasianOther Hey, my name is Jon. I've done my best to stay on the straight and narrow but I've struggled with drugs and that led me down a path I can't come back from.

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I am 5'8" and lbs. I am an unpublished author currently looking at self-publishing options and funding. Prisoners simply have to send us a letter and we send them books. I am looking for that support I never got when I was out there. Florida only The Prison Book Project sends thousands of books each year to indigent inmates in Florida prisons, the largest prison system in the country and one sorely lacking basic books.

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