Problems in indian education system

In Junethe Indian government announced 50 million scholarships for girl students from minority communities in India.

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Various studies have demonstrated a wide gap between rural and urban education. And in this bid to score high, students are forced to neglect recreation while making time to attend coaching classes. At least 4 universities actually made it to the top There are no quick-fix solutions. The Indian subcontinent has a long history of education. The efficiency of the manpower depends on many important factors like health and nutrition, education and training, housing facilities, safe drinking water and sanitation. And coaching classes are ever ready to capitalize on this situation. Hence number of educated unemployed persons is increasing day by day.

Therefore, students lack the analytical skills that they need when they leave the higher education institution and join the workforce. Adequate investment in these fields will increase the productivity and efficiency of the manpower.

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Privatization of higher education has led to the growth of profit hungry entrepreneurs. No one would argue about the validity of this statement.

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Now, we can imagine how unfortunate situation our graduates and post-graduates are facing? There are flipsides too. Students To date, there are over million teenagers in India between the ages of 17 to The reason: thanks to the flock mentality, parents admit their children to colleges and universities with dubious credentials. It leads to wastage of 5nancial and human resources. In fact, every Indian school will have at least two scholarships that are available to economically poor, underprivileged and meritorious students. After reading many answers from that page I tried to figure out many kinds of problems with Indian education system. The salaries they get from BPO companies are relatively bigger compared to other industries. And coaching classes are ever ready to capitalize on this situation. The Indian education system is also more geared at helping students earn money rather than creating an excellent career or profession of their choice. In order to move out from poverty, the government should reconsider its allocation of its resources. This kind of event can help inspire teachers to do more in order to build their reputation.

The Indian education system also has its unique advantages. It seems that India has an examination system, not an education system.

While some cover the entire cost of studies, others cover specific elements such as fees and study material, among others. Yet, they excel at their jobs due to skills and knowledge they got from the education system of India.

Education system in india

This policy reveals that, in India, education is in a state of dilemma. Most of these techies, as they are now known, studied in India. What do you say? It is beyond the reach of common man. Moreover; their pay grades are way too less than those of developed countries. They suffer a lot; Indian languages are still under developed. Here are some cons of the education system of India.

Absence of Counsellors Till date, the majority of Indian schools lack counsellors. The salaries they get from BPO companies are relatively bigger compared to other industries.

Free University Education for Girls Additionally, free education for girls up to university level is under implementation in various Indian states and Union Territories.

Problems in indian education system

Left with no choice, a student is forced to follow the flock. Problems of Education: Despite our best efforts, our educational development still remains at a low level. To understand the pros and cons, we first need to view the history of the Indian educational system. Unfortunately, it's always the cons about the education system in India that people discuss while conveniently forgetting the pros. Adult education is helping rural India to adopt modern technologies and assimilate with the outside world. The number one thing to note about this is the fact that most universities that offer higher education focus on textbooks and they completely lack in giving students a hands-on experience. As different schools use different criteria for evaluation, a bright student in one school, where the evaluation was stricter, got fewer marks. Further, adult education courses are conducted in rural areas and usually early mornings or in evenings to enable working adults to attend. Indian education system is promoting disparity in some ways.

While the Indian law enforces strict standards on educational institutes of all types, most errant institutes enjoy impunity. With the 19 million enrollees, there should be at least 1. Students as well as parents focus on the grading system.

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9 Drastic Problems With Indian Education System