Percent composition of hydrates essay

Percent composition of hydrates essay

Heat the crucible and contents with the cover positioned as in step 5 and contents to redness again for 5 min. Use the tongs to transfer the crucible and cover to the lab table, and allow them to cool for 5 min. For example, the anhydrous compound cobalt II chloride is blue, while the hydrate is a distinctive magenta color.

Gently heat the dish by moving the burner bark and forth around the base. Use the data to answer the questions. Shake in a closed bottle until all salt crystals are gone. Calculate the number of moles of water driven off from the hydrate using the molar mass of water.

These compounds do not look or feel wet.

hydrate formula

A hydrate is a compound that has one or more water molecules bound to each formula unit. Determine the mass of the crucible and cover to the nearest 0.

Set up a Bunsen burner under a tripod stand with a pipe-clay triangle on top. IntroductionThe computation of the value of x the figure of combined H2O is based on the 'relative molecule mass Mr ' and 'the mole '.

Hydrate An ionic compound salt.

Percent composition of a hydrate lab

Enter a valid molecular formula and press. A color change will occur, which is normal, but if the substance remains yellow after cooling, it was overheated and has begun to decompose. Make sure that the equipment is very clean to get the best possible results. The crucible can be cooled on the lab table. Relate results to the law of conservation of mass and the law of multiple proportions. Interestingly, it is common for the hydrated form of a compound to be of a different color than the anhydrous form, which has no water in its structure. Why the difference? Analyzing results What is the percentage by mass of water in the original hydrated compound? In doing this lab, the percentage of water contained in various hydrates, if dehydration is a reversible or irreversible change, and the mathematical relationship between starting mass and mass lost. This way, moisture within the packages will be absorbed, and any package that has too much moisture can be quickly detected and dried out. Using your answers to calculations b and d and the above chemical equation, determine the mole ration of MgSO4 to H2O to the nearest whole number. This is done to be sure that the dish is absolutely dry. Put on safety goggles and lab apron. A fixed number of water molecules Allow the crucible, cover, and contents to cool for 5 min in the desiccator, and then measure their mass.
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Percent Composition of Hydrates