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Your tilapia fish farming business plan should take into account the cost of purchasing or renting the land. Facilities and Equipment 22 9.

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PRICE: Our products price are would be fair to those in our target markets, we have greater advantage as buying from us would mean the buyer would not incure transportation carrying cost as our farm house is close to all our target market. This stems from the need to meet the much needed fish for domestic production and export.

Setting up fish farm requires more careful planning and much capital input.

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In this stage, the fish is typically about the size of a finger. With the presence of the university, the company is exposed to information about new variety of fish, or new improved feeds through their research and development.

Statement of Asset and Liabilities 26 c. You can reduce the cost of feed by supplementing the commercial fish feed with manure and fertilizers, thereby increasing profitability of your fish farming business.

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We the business partners as the sole equity owners and also the ones to provide most of the factors for the production as land the location and climate of the area is very suitable for fish production. The business has relatively low overhead expenses with few staff presently to match current production capacity. We intend to start another cycle immediately the adult fishes are sold and start another cycle at the same scale, that is, with fingerlings. Manure used in tilapia fish ponds include chicken manure and piggery manure. Variable Cash Expenses Feed , Fingerlings , Fuel , Chemicals 70, Labor Cost 46, Salary to Partners: A 32, B 28, C 20, Harvesting and Hauling Cost 30, Other Variable expenses , b. She would serve as the firms Administrative Head. Among our future plans is to also purchase hauler trucks Cold room Vehicle to facilitate the selling of our fish as we intend to dominate the whole of North Eastern States. The site is generally flat with gentle sloping which is quite suitable for the farm. Each pond will be constructed: 3m X 2. The catfish industry is a lucrative business as the demand for fish in the country is growing geometrically, the opportunity to expand is necessary because of the growing demand for fish and due to some health benefits attached to consumption of fish as compared to consumption of meat. Labor is another reason for choosing this particular location.
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My Catfish Business Plan