Ojt learning experiences on office administration

In the afternoon, I was tasked to prepare a purchase request of an ink for our printer.

Permanent buildings were constructed out of the capital outlay duly appropriated by the national government. Without hesitation the trainees then traveled to Cavite. I was very glad because personally I get some sort of values in the midst of our OJT. If without all of these obstacles I would be very disappointed I need these obstacles to help me grow and be prepared for my future career as a human resource practitioner. The following days was not easy to me since I need to perform activities that involves money in the sense that every mistakes, there is a waste of resources such as bond paper and PVCs. But the trainee still needs more training in order to attain the level of perfection on the aspect of cement plastering. On The Job Training are part of a college curriculum that aims to train and orient students about the work and their future career but to show students the reality about working. The internship is not only beneficial for the knowledge that you obtain but also the networking aspect of meeting real professions in the workplace.

Balles for final approval. I was also tasked to do posting.

what i learned from my internship experience

In fact, it is probably the most popular method of training because it requires only a person who knows how to do the task, and the tools the person uses to do the task. I was assigned here to help and assist them in the office works such as filing, photocopying, posting, input records to the Minergy Integrated Accounting System and Other office related Works.

Ojt learning experiences on office administration

Castillo, so I decided to borrow the bicycle of Mrs. I know that the details that I learned through my experiences with the Stampede will be very valuable in my immediate future when choosing a career path. The trainees have realized that learning is a lifetime commitment that is continues even you already have a job.

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Cabanillas, he also wanted to have a soft copy of our APP so I sent it by sharing to the network. Through this internship I learned the necessary skills to fix and maintain bikes, as well as sell them to beginner and advanced cyclists from the community.

British Journal of Educational Technology, 39 1 , — I took a rest for a longtime. The importance of On-the-Job-Training programme have also been established in recruiting decisions by employers Pasewark et al, and research studies in accounting On-the-Job-Training programme have shown improved subsequent academic performance English and Koeppen, The trainee also shared with them new knowledge such as conversion of units and basic formulas. Despite the ever-changing economic and political situation in the country, the Ortiz Iron Works has survived the competitive field, and remains as one of the more durable contracting firms in the Philippines. Then the training shifted to Mr. New Knowledge, attitudes, and skills acquired B. The study was conducted at the seven 7 different OJT cooperating agencies in Isabela with a total of fifty eight 58 respondents. The training started immediately, for Mr.
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Narrative Report of OJT at Registrar's Office