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The book takes the reader through the first segment of Asher's life, ending when he's around 22 years of age.

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Often I felt they were together now as they had been before I was born. His father tries to discourage him, his mother furtively encourages him.

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Pile onto that the fact that the guiding principles of Asher's religion forbid creating the kinds of paintings he wants to create, and you've got a dramatic recipe for disaster. She is important to the story because she knows about Siberia and the suffering that Reb Yudel Krinsky went through there. Aryeh Lev — Asher's father and an important member of the Jewish community. This book is about, as you can probably guess, someone whose name is Asher Lev. However, the gift finally calls upon Asher to paint his masterpiece—a work which uses the symbolism of the crucifixion to express his mother's torment. Potok's hero must make a crossing from the 18th century to the 20th, and many times he makes it seem more like a leap from medieval thought to the age of Freud and Einstein. The discrimination that Asher's father has against Asher's artistic tendencies can be related to the suffering of the many Jews in Russia and Germany that were oppressed by the government. Potok is clearly ending his ap prenticeship as a novelist. For more than a year the mother goes into an almost-comatose mental and physical state, hardly eating and not talking. In My Name Is Asher Lev, young Asher Lev has a similarly difficult choice on his hands: create the artwork that he knows he has the talent to create and be cast out of his religious community, or remain in his religious community and never paint again. Kind of the way you'd feel after begging to borrow your parents' car, trying to figure out somewhere cool to go, and then ending up at Baskin Robbins: was all that rebellion really worth it? He knows that it must happen in a context of faith and love, and that it must be the exercise of faith and love that breaks hearts. The surest evi dence of Mr. She studies Russian and becomes part of the dangerous busi ness herself.

When Asher tries to portray his mother's suffering, "[his] search for a motif reveals none powerful enough in [his] own tradition, and so [he] turn[s] to the central theme of suffering in the Christian tradition: crucifixion.

Potok's first two novels re main in their Jewish world, with ominous echoes from outside the Rosenbergs, Senator McCarthy. Asher goes away not wanting to hurt the ones he loves further. Specifically a teenaged boy growing up in a religious community of Ladover Hasidim in Brooklyn, New York during the s.

She also is one of the first people to understand Asher's artistic gift. So the novel is about young Asher's struggle to reconcile his really impressive talents with the religious beliefs of the community he grew up in.

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This imagery so offends his parents and his community that he is asked to leave. Potok builds a strong and moving drama out of the tensions between the Hasidic and Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn yeshi voth, between fathers and sons, ancient and modern ideas of faith and ritual, and between Jews and the secular world.

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His death had a very profound effect on Asher's mother.

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My Name Is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok