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Main article: Diet Coke and Mentos eruption First demonstrated by chemistry teacher Lee Marek on the Late Show with David Letterman on September 14,[8] and later popularized in a June [9] viral Internet video by Eepybirda Mentos mint expedites a rapid release of carbon dioxide when dropped into a carbonated liquidsuch as a soft drink.

He learns French in the process.

Mentos marketing

EepyBird has excelled in leveraging its videos into money for both itself and its clients, but only after the accidental, initial success that built its following.

Other schools forced kids to turn the shirts inside-out.

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Coffey also found that the aspartame in diet soda lowers the surface tension and causes a bigger reaction, but that caffeine does not accelerate the reaction. Other schools forced kids to turn the shirts inside-out. Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, thought the shirt prohibition was silly. Some pointed out that when something is labeled off-limits, it becomes more attractive to teens who are prone to rebellion. What some had dubbed the Bartlash had reached new heights. Homey the Clown was a bestseller. The mint is basically miniature Mentos roughly the size of Skittles , and they come in mixed flavors: white grape green , lemon yellow , strawberry pink , orange orange , raspberry blue , and cherry red. For fun, they shot a video in one take of choreographed fountains using bottles of soda and candy pieces and released it on June 3, Another Mentos advert highlighted the multicolored variety of the sweets by showing a scene where two young lovers are sitting in a living room. At Brookwood Junior High in Glenwood, Illinois, teachers ordered students wearing the shirts to call their parents and have them bring a change of clothing.

A paper by Tonya Coffey, a physicist at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, confirmed that the rough surface of the Mentos candy helps speed the reaction. Homey the Clown was a bestseller. The original concept was a simple experiment by a couple of friends — Fritz Grobe, a juggler, and Stephen Voltz, a former lawyer.

Also sold is Mentos KIDZ, a bag with 12 boxes containing 10 miniature candies, in the flavors strawberry, orange, lemon, apple and blueberry.

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Shot in South Africa, individuals facing various day-to-day dilemmas consume Mentos and are subsequently inspired to solve their problems at hand in a creative, often-humorous fashion.

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