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They could have one central customer and marketing database, one central web platform and many different websites running from that same platform. This system would be integrated with their marketing and fulfilment departments.

It might be a local band, sports person, or even fashion bloggers. But even if you don't have a big brand budget, you can still benefit from collaborating with brand ambassadors.

But something changed and inDavid Jones experienced its best rate of growth in 15 years, with sales increases of Look at the data you already have and start there. It will focus on serving offers to consumers who are further down the purchase funnel, using more dynamic creative on search RLSA.

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The regional loyalty program is being developed off the back of months of research that included a benchmarking study of structured and unstructured loyalty programs globally, and a review of the attributes underpinning brand engagement.

Compared to the GDN prospecting the brand had done previously, this new funnel-based remarketing strategy benefited GDN activity immensely.

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Among the ambassadors involved is former Sydney Swans player, Adam Goodes, to display power. The objective is to deliver a regional, tiered and structured loyalty program that delivers real value to customers, encouraging them to spend more money, more frequently, across the group and within all categories and brands, Robinson said in his submission.

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The company even took share from archrival Myer.

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David Jones Just Doesn't Get It