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Current Client Base Describe current portable clients use generic or specific. In addition, they may know something about the clientele of your target firm, or its ability to undertake work outside of your core expertise, which enables you to legitimately increase your estimation of your following.

Typically, the preparation of a strategic plan begins with a comprehensive response to three questions: 1.

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The executive summary should also contain a salient figure relating to your personal portable business. In the vast majority of cases you are being hired on the basis that you can earn your keep and post a profit.

Virtual law firm business plan

List all relevant contacts at a given institution, both legal and business. How will your new platform enable you to develop these clients better? I recognise that Partners in any firm can be protective of hard-won clients and my aim would be to develop a strong bond of trust both in a my credentials to deliver for their clients, and b that my approach would be harmonious with their own. The strength of your relationships, how you anticipate your client will react to your new firm, synergies with the client base of the new firm and potential for client conflicts are all challenges. Either way, we are keen to be offered the chance to make suggestions. The document will help concentrate your mind like nothing else: it will alert you to the strengths and weaknesses of your proposition and it will enable you to practise your sales pitch ahead of any meetings where, in a long process, you may be partially judged on the consistency of your answers. Rose A Buddhist maxim states: "If you want to know your past, look into your present conditions. The strategic plan including the role s of each attorney, office, practice group or industry team in developing and implementing the plan. To some extent this makes perfect business sense; if you think of law firms as sellers of legal services, and you accept that in the sales process there is nearly always an element of hyperbole, then a partner who cannot convey this may not be the best front end representative for the firm anyway. Try taking an analytical approach to your contact book, looking back over the last couple of years and selecting the strongest and then applying the following questions: Who will you call to alert them to your move and introduce your new practice? It is essential to outline the scope of the plan.

In relation to your historic billings, you should include details of your time worked over a three-year period including billable and non-billable hours giving explanations for any major anomalies. Like any job interview, your goal is to communicate your potential, which means remaining cautiously optimistic while tastefully bombastic, i.

With respect to following, some practice areas have more stringent requirements than others. The firm's competitive position in its market, i.

law partnership business plan

With respect to the business plan, the firm you are approaching will undertake thorough due diligence and in many cases, as part of this, they may wish to speak with your top 2 or 3 client contacts at a very late stage. Suggested criteria for hot and cold clients: Hot Clients: Clients who consistently instruct you Clients whom you bill the most from Clients who you are very certain will follow Clients whom are self contained and self generated Clients who have expressed their loyalty to you and not your firm Clients whom you have a strong personal and professional relationship with Clients from whom you have been promised a large instruction soon Cold Clients: Clients where you are not the main client partner Clients with whom you have not done much work with recently Panel Clients who will be contractually obliged to work with a certain group with no impending review date Institutional clients, perhaps you could bring a tranche of repeat work, but not the client itself Clients who do not have a large annual legal spend i.

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That said, remain confident without exaggerating. Clients do not generally take kindly in any event to being told which law firms they can or cannot instruct, and your knowledge of your firm and your clients will be of vital importance here. As many a bemused London-based US hiring partner is aware, this latter example is in stark contrast to the United States where commercial litigation clients are as portable as those in mainstream corporate. Request that outside experts review the partnership agreement for any legal or accounting mistakes. The business plan on the other hand, is your opportunity to market your practice and walk the firm through your strategic process to achieving your goals. Levels of Strategic Planning Process It has been the author's experience that the better and more progressively managed firms of all sizes and specialties frequently have six 6 levels of strategic planning. The partnership deed helps prove the agreed-upon terms if there are any conflicts. However, these should always be put in context and below we have outlined a general structure which could be adopted.

The amount of money provided for the startup is not always equal. How do you know what is going to happen? Nor, despite what many firms may try to enforce, are they required to stay with your current firm.

law firm business plan
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