Issue of privacy and electronic monitoring in the work place

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The only legal limitation is that, in some states, the drug testing procedure must be fair, accurate, and designed to minimize errors and false-positive results. Postal Mail Employers generally may open mail addressed to you at your workplace.

Since employees don't usually have access to their own electronically stored data, they can't correct inaccurate information. With most fleet software, managers can track where a company vehicle is and where it's been, even if the employee is off the clock. Employers are motivated by concern over litigation and the increasing role that electronic evidence plays in lawsuits and government agency investigations.

Time and attendance systems give your business a record of when employees work and take paid time off PTO.

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Encryption involves scrambling the message at the sender's terminal, then unscrambling the message at the terminal of the receiver. Editor's Note: Looking for information on video surveillance? Under federal case law, when an employer realizes the call is personal, he or she must immediately stop monitoring the call. In , through the efforts of the ACLU, other privacy advocates, and the labor movement, employees achieved a major victory when Congress passed the Employee Polygraph Protection Act, which protected them from workplace lie detector tests under most circumstances. For example, video surveillance can be conducted in common areas and entrances; however, surveillance in bathrooms or locker rooms is strictly prohibited and opens a company up to legal repercussions. Courts often have found that when employees are on the job, their expectation of privacy is limited. The DMM provides: All mail addressed to a governmental or nongovernmental organization or to an individual by name or title at the address of the organization is delivered to the organization, as is similarly addressed mail for former officials, employees, contractors, agents, etc.

Employee protection from unjust discharge: A proposal for judicial reversal of the terminable at will doctrine. The workplace on the verge of the 21st century. A new scale for the measurement of interpersonal trust.

Issue of privacy and electronic monitoring in the work place

Some regulate it to make sure it is fair and accurate. They can film you with hidden video cameras not only in public areas, but in locker rooms and even restrooms.

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In some instances, courts have upheld employee privacy. Designing, implementing, and utilizing computerized performance monitoring: Enhancing organizational justice.

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The Laws and Ethics of Workplace Privacy and Employee Monitoring