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Some other marking methods such as permanent marker may not be very effective in a hangar environment. Hopefully my mistakes will not be repeated. After all, the ultimate goal of a tool control program should be to avoid the situation where a tool is left in an aircraft after maintenance.

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A new method that recently hit the market is the use of RFID chips which when scanned using radio frequency, respond with pre-determined codes therefore linking the person that has them and the job they are on at the time. On top of this, how would a smaller company justify the expense of an advanced or not so advanced tool control system?

If the mechanic changes jobs to another company, these numbers will not be relevant, and he or she may have to mark them all over again. This being said, most religions are based on the theory that there is a single more powerful entity, that has control over aspects of which humans do not.

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This should include some sort of a form initiated by the mechanic. It makes employees become more vigilant in reporting missing tools vs. However, as demonstrated, the solution exists to help manage this and drive further efficiencies for the whole industry. Every aircraft technician should have some kind of tool control procedure in place, at minimum neatly organised foam trays that allow for quick visual inspection of toolkits is essential. The main themes in the aircraft maintenance industry are cost savings and control. Tool control does not only help increase CAA satisfactory but also creates a much more organised and highly efficient working environment. And broken tools can be replaced to ensure downtime is keep at a minimum.

This is due to tools either being lost, broken or misplaced. It was a great show — the show floor was busy as exhibitors showcased their products and services.

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Finally, I would suggest having a policy that allows for the reporting of lost tools without fear of reprimand. It should be designed in such a way as to quickly determine if a tool is missing. It also allows tool tracking. In the event a tool was not found, only the facility manager could authorize the release of the aircraft, and it was a responsibility he did not take lightly. Very slight friction or binding of the elevator control was identified. This way if a tool is found, the log can be referenced to find out who owns the tool. It was fun seeing this new technology in action. I am a huge fan of statistical analysis however; it is not one of the seven tools we have to work with.

Tool control does not only help increase CAA satisfactory but also creates a much more organised and highly efficient working environment. These issues lead to increased costs, health and safety issues, and, potentially, lost business.

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The importance of tool control. By Ian Brook, General Manager, Snap