How to write a food blog post

Open Bluehost website in a new window and follow along.

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Recommended premium WordPress themes I originally built this blog on a basic, free WordPress theme and customized it myself. The type of blogger you are might dictate the platform you opt for and depending on your existing knowledge of things like HTML, formatting, CSS, and more, you might go for something that allows you a little more control.

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See Step 1 of my guide for more info on finding a good blog name. It will be worth the effort!

how to write a food blog post

Post original content. Once completed, you will receive an email with details on how to login to your web hosting control panel cPanel.

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In February , I launched a redesigned website that is responsive and my site has grown significantly since then. However if you need help, our expert team will help you setup your blog for free. You will receive an alert in your administrator dashboard whenever new updates are available. People want to be connected to you, to know more about who you are, why you decided to make muffins today and why those muffins are just oh-so-tasty to you. Having a self-hosted WordPress site is by far the best choice for starting a blog. If you want to go the subscription route, then you will need MemberPress. They post recipes on cookies, salmon, caramel popcorn, gluten-free pancakes, vegetarian curry, steak, etc. The plugin will now add the required shortcode to your post editor.

Figure out what your strengths are and what you want your blog to convey, and write — a lot or a little — along those lines.

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So You Want to Write a Food Blog