How america became a global superpower essay

France had been a lender during the conflict too, but most of its credits had been extended to Russia, which repudiated all its foreign debts after the Revolution of On the other hand, European states mobilized their populations with an efficiency that dazzled some Americans notably Theodore Roosevelt and appalled others notably Wilson.

How did america become a superpower

Adam Tooze forces us to reckon with its consequences for the rest of the planet. Wells is considered the father and primary developer of science fiction Perhaps some unforeseen disruption in the Chinese economy—or some unexpected acceleration of American prosperity—will postpone the moment even further. The United States has a varied climate, a diverse amount of natural resources, and geographic barriers that make it more difficult to attack the country. China an emerging superpower? This gave Americans the wherewithal to become more involved in world politics. Vast resources were made available to the space research programme. Moreau and The Invisible Man H. As the war proceeded, France fell and Britain was next. American factories switched from civilian to military production; American farmers planted food and fiber to feed and clothe the combatants of Europe.

But the gravest harm done by the depression to postwar recovery lasted long past And what about the United States?

Only the United States could fix it.

how did the us became a superpower after ww1

This gives the Unites States the ability to reliably feed its entire populace, at least at the current population levels. The United States might claim a broader democracy than those that prevailed in Europe. In the southern states of the US, schools, colleges and universities, buses and trains, cafes, hotels, theatres and other public places, were all segregated.

InJulius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed on charges of passing atomic secrets to the Soviet Union, in spite of protests and appeals from all over the world. Many restrictions were imposed on Iraq, including restrictions on the sale of oil, which was the only export commodity available there.

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How USA Became the Only Super Power of the World?