Housekeeping and the guest cycle

And having everything you need to know about a client on file for future use means that each time they stay, their experience can become more bespoke.

The front desk maintains a record of expected arrivals and expected departures every day- through reports that are printed during the night audit.

Always scrutinize yourself for others to look upon you, i feel this is extremely important because your staff should always look and model themselves upon you.

It would be a added advantage to the organization if they are able to retain staff, as it cuts down on re-training so that supervisors can spend more effort checking the room cleanliness. And why does this one matter, beyond attention to it ensures guests will come back for a second or third visit?

Explain the guest cycle in hotel

When the guest checks-in to the room the occupancy stage of the guest cycle begins. Let your team know how the business is performing, and what this means to them. Take a new reservation form. Draconian cancellation policies can freak people out, for example. Eco Friendly Concept………………………………11 9. Use it to proactively provide anticipatory service and to meet or exceed guest expectations at each stage. Security is also a main important concern during occupancy of the guest. Let your team know how the business is performing, and what this means to them. If a transport vehicle is ready to go then place the luggage in the vehicle. Check for availability of the accommodation during those dates. That holds especially true immediately after waking from a more restful, vacation, sleep. Tools like chatbots can also help guests get answers to their questions at any time.

Experts recommend the hotel management team to go through the night audit reports daily to get an insight of the hotel occupancy and finances.

Caroline Sharing the happenings within the hotel may mean a lot to staff, it makes them feel that they are contributors to the organization.

guest cycle diagram

The functions of the front office during the stay of the guest include: 1. This is when you typically collect guest feedback and use it to improve operations.

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Hotel Management and Hospitality Education Resource: Guest Cycle