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V At first when he sees you , he will act really strange. OK you are giving away 3 months as a discount, but these are generally off season months and a time when people are not thinking of joining a club anyway. Just as RM,he will give you the best advice. BTS having you as a new member and what will be your relationship? You will be really sweet together will be just like siblings. Add in an incentive for the person being invited and the person who has invited them and bingo you will see new members signing up. When you two get closer more you will cook together and he will be very happy that at last there is someone in the group who can cook as well as him. Flexible Memberships With the modern golf operations management systems that most clubs operate with now you can set up just about any type of membership scheme. Statistically, the number one reason someone joins a club is because they are invited. You two will be really close friends. Not everyone plays golf, but everyone could play golf. The upside is you get some unexpected membership revenue during the off season. Just it will need longer time for Yoongi to get to know you better. Here's how I see it: Okay, imagine you are very good and talented,unknown singer,dancer,composer. Years ago a lot of people were members of multiple clubs, but this has declined for mainly economic reasons.

You two will be as a big brother and little sister. What is the life time value of a new member? Sunday afternoons and Wednesday afternoons Youth 18 — 25 One new category which has been working in some parts of the world is — This type of membership can make great Christmas presents or, if you are smart, you can target a geographical area of a club near you where some of their members may be thinking of a change?

When you feel more free around him you will start jokes and make him tricks too.

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Get your new members to sign up now by just paying the joining fee and let them play for a few months free, in effect using up some of the value of the joining fee over a period of months. I think you need to have a two prong approach — 1 to retain members understand why they are leaving and fix the problem and 2 get new members in.

And one that still works time after time. When Monie sees that you trust him he will be happy and will always endeavor to help you as possible.

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And yes he will be your hope.

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Say hi to the "newest member" of BTS!