Final cultural competence paper

SNA, a non-profit organization provides help for new immigrants and resettled refugees.

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To reduce the risks involved, prior to being certified, Scuba Divers go through a somewhat rigorous training program where all risks are highlighted and basic techniques to avoid them are introduced Culturally Competent Nursing Care skills are crucial for any one that wants to be a registered nurse Douglas et al.

It is also common to find that some patients may not support some of the medical practices such as cloning, blood transfusion Murphy, Studying in American colleges and universities, students are able to develop their subject knowledge, skills and expertise on which they can live in the workplace after returning to China.

I was very sensitive to cultural beliefs and values.

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Merriam-Websters online dictionary defines culture as the beliefs, customs, arts, etc. In order to have skill in when communicating, an individual must be able to repeat the successful performance of a communication behavior.

Cultural competence in counseling essay

These factors can be systematic, physical, political or even founded on beliefs and language. However, the pre-construed notions I had were based solely on stereotypes and socially accepted perceptions of each group. Abstract Background South Africa SA has a growing multilingual and multicultural population of approximately 55 million people, and faces service delivery challenges due to a shortage in skilled health professionals. All of us, regardless of where we come from, what we believe, or who we are, can be afflicted with some form of disability in our life time through disease, accident, or other conditions that render us incapable of caring for ourselves in the same way that was possible before. While it may be taken as a light gesture, it is actually very strong and creates a strong between the patient and the nurse Murphy, Many of these individuals are known as trendsetters and industry leaders. Edgerton is an anthropologist with interests in psychological and medical anthropology. Culture affects among other factors, how children are raised, how families communicate, what is considered normal or abnormal, ways of coping with issues, the way we dress, when and where we seek medical treatment, and so forth. Where possible the nurse can try and suggest alternatives such electric candles for safety issues among others. To integrate this aspect in their practices, registered nurses need to get in touch with their inner values and reflect on them, before making any assumption on the part of the patient. References Douglas, M. The first one being Muslim immigrants. Executive leadership is described by Kettl as , p.

At the same time they also need to have a wealth of understanding with reference to the verbal and nonverbal communication elements. Cross et al. Miscommunication between nurse and patient much like in general conversation between any two strangers can cause a lot of controversies.

Cultural competence in healthcare

The diversity of the SA population is reflected in its language, religious beliefs and customs [ 1 ]. This means that they need to value the basic rules of communication. Many health care facilities still depict distinct racial and ethnic characteristics that date back to the apartheid era, and there are reports of racial intolerance or preferential treatment at some facilities. Murphy, K. The main goal of nurses surrounds culturally competent care. These factors can be systematic, physical, political or even founded on beliefs and language. I knew this group has struggled for their rights throughout history but it wasnt until I conducted research that I realized the severity of the oppression against this particular group. To understand cultural competence we need to know what culture is. Making health decisions is crucial to the patient, and it has to be done in manner that, the patient is actually involved in the process. Received Feb 28; Accepted Apr Both competence and likability are factors in whether people trust or reject the speaker. Fourth the challenges and what is needed? Understanding these differences creates the balance between the nursing practices and the cultural practices.

Cross cultural skills are not limited to the nurse-patient relations, due to the fact that the workplaces are now multicultural. Second source of knowledgeparticipants' access ranged widely in terms of references, from popular to scientific literature.

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Hudson and her parents and grandparents came to the United States from Haiti. Understanding of concepts related to both individual and institutional cultural competence would improve insights into their relevance in responding to the challenges related to culture in SA healthcare.

Final cultural competence paper

It is important, that guidelines are implemented across the board, such that all the nurses from the different sections integrate them into their practices Douglas et al. Some conditions Haitians experiences include increased blood pressure, shortness of breath, and strong feelings of sadness Institute for Disaster Mental Health, n. Interpreters are not readily available in the public health sector, where many doctors, irrespective of their home languages, conduct medical interviews with the assistance of HP staff who act as untrained interpreters or cultural brokers when necessary [ 11 ]. Where possible the nurse can try and suggest alternatives such electric candles for safety issues among others. This is due to the fact that it can be difficult to convince an asymptomatic patient that they are ill Taylor, Conclusions: This qualitative study discovered that CAM was neither well-known nor understood widely. Within the Muslim American community, there are three generations. In this case, it is crucial that the registered nurse learns how to communicate with the patients. By doing this the nurse will be in a position to challenge their assumptions and personal believes as they dispense personal practices and professional ones. I was intrigued with the Multi-Diversity perspective on Latinos chapter. Peterson-Iyer, K. Therefore, it is imperative for social work professionals to have a clear understanding of themselves in relation to the client from a cultural perspective. When Watkins examined the contribution of psychotherapy supervision to the patient outcomes through 18 supervision outcome studies ranging from to
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