Essay on collaboration in the workplace

For example developing a culture within the work place where teamwork is a vital necessity can significantly improve performance, effectiveness, efficiency, morale, job satisfaction, unity of purpose, communications, innovative thinking, quality, speed in getting things done, and loyalty to an organization Warrick, Members of a team have unique qualities and skills that they bring to contribute to the success of the team.

benefits of collaboration

On the other hand, when employees work in individual silos, it can take longer for a team to finish a particular project or task. There are many perks to this style of office, primarily the openness and transparency fostered between co-workers and departments. Trusting someone to do their role on a team ensures they have a unique place and need within the group.

successful collaboration in the workplace

However, the existence of high-performance teams is a rarity due Work teams can effectively handle inventory, scheduling, quality assurance and other disciplines typically reserved for members of management Weiss The purpose of this concept analysis of teamwork is to provide an understanding on the importance of teamwork with care coordination across the continuum.

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Teamwork in the Workplace Essay