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You should now know enough to make some awesome projects. As a prorammer, you'll get used to it.

arduino external eeprom

Page Writing Writing one byte at a time is fine, but most EEPROM devices have something called a "page write buffer" which allows you to write multiple bytes at a time the same way you would a single byte. Each write takes 3.

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Send the data byte that you would like to store at this location. The EEPROM assumes rightly that an address of followed by 10 bytes will record byte 0 at addressbyte 1 at addressbyte 2 at addressand so on.

That's why we have to remove the resistor when we're done or every time we reboot, the memory will be cleared. Once a location has been written and erased too many times it can start to become unreliable. And when we start, we fetch it from the same spot so we have something to compare our score to.

There are some slightly more useful methods available. Here 0 is the column so we will write at the beginning of the line. The screen is 16 character wide.

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