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Jester in Oak Forest. Drexler's offers quality, efficiency, satisfaction and productivity as well as being adaptive and focused on development. Some places, including Williams Smokehouse, burned down and never reopened. Family-run, neighborhood joints will always be a labor of love. Other positive socio-economic factors are included such as bolstering the community in the third ward, and spreading values by Mrs.

Scott's dedication to the third ward and her faith in God permeates through the establishment, which is rich with the effects of her hard work, honesty and a real sense of caring for the patrons that visit her quaint Bar-B- Que restaurant.

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Pierson closed his place a few years ago for health reasons, but the flood gates had opened. After much deliberation a strategic decision was made to raze the roof of the current building that Drexler's operates in and a new and improved shell would be created ultimately enhancing the business by double its original capacity.

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What role do values play in how Drexel's Bar-B-Que interacts with its neighbors and customers? Their product is a result of the values the organization and its employees hold.

Drexler's is uniquely positioned to be able to quickly and effectively alter and implement strategic business decisions due to the smaller size of its operation. Small neighborhood joints started to spread across the city.

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The fall and rise of the neighborhood barbecue joint