Down at the cross by james baldwin

However he continued to propose the solution of love, and having people learn to love people that were both similar looking to them, but also different looking. We should not base whom we love or whom we respect based off of common beliefs.

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Just before and then during the Second World War, many of my friends fled into the service, all to be changed there, and rarely for the better, many to be ruined, and many to die. We should not base whom we love or whom we respect based off of common beliefs. On a more general level, Baldwin believes that few people truly want to be free, because real freedom is hard to bear. They have gained great force and cunning by facing down the tyranny of white supremacy. I had not known that it was going to happen, or that it could happen. In the case of the girls, one watched them turning into matrons before they had become women. But as he lay on the floor of the church, Baldwin realized that this God—a God he was looking to for salvation and support—was white and, despite the fact that He was supposed to love all of His children, He neglected black people.

Even in trying to discount his father—who is, notably, the most immediate figure of authority—Baldwin found himself unable to keep fear from taking hold of him. His realization that God is white and not entirely beneficent further revealed to him that his investment in the church had less to do with real spiritual proclivities than it had to do with the importance of finding a gimmick to distract himself from his own oppression.

He begins to consider issues on a world scale.

Down at the cross by james baldwin

This had nothing to do with anything I was, or contained, or could become; my fate had been sealed forever, from the beginning of time. My youth quickly made me a much bigger drawing card than my father.

Although this power over his father was actually quite frightening to him, he used his newfound freedom extensively, often spending whole days in preparation without interruption.

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Letter from a Region in My Mind, by James Baldwin