Discuss evolutionary explanations of human aggression

This is the central question that anthropologists are now asking as they meet this week at the University of Utah to discuss violence and human evolution. Most Read. This can explain why male sexual jealousy is often cited as a cause of domestic violence.

evaluation of evolutionary theory

As a response, selection favours the development of deceptive strategies such as concealment of homicidal intent from victims to avoid activating their homicidal defences. They analysed 13, uxorocides and found that younger women were most at risk which, as the women were in their reproductive prime, presents a problem for them being unintentionally killed.

Outline uxoricide as an accidental killing when control has gone too far. This blog is relevant to the current specification as of Illustrate the link between male jealousy, mate retention and violence using research studies e.

We are peace-loving and want to believe that the violence and transgressions of the past will not return, but recent history and current events illustrate how easy it is for humans to respond with interpersonal and intergroup violence," he said.

Sexual jealousy is a further motivator in male-male homicide. In many countries it is seen as acceptable to murder an adulterous wife or her lover, e. Also, if homicide has evolved then we would expect all people to behave in a similar way, however 3 different people may react to the same situation in 3 different ways — e. Duntley and Buss say that once anti-homicide defences begin to evolve, homicide becomes a far more costly strategy to pursue. This suggests that violence is not a universal response to sexual jealousy, and thus that it is not completely evolutionary. How does gene survival explain aggressive acts such as domestic violence and uxoricide? Just as compassion for your offspring increases your genes' chance of survival, violent tendencies may have been similarly useful for some species, agreed biologist David Carrier, also of the University of Utah. Male sexual jealousy may therefore have evolved to prevent infidelity by women and reduce the risk of cuckoldry. He loses a partner which damages his reproductive fitness and another male gains his partner, increasing his own fitness. It therefore has value in alerting others to intervene before actual violence against the partner can occur. Buss argues that males have developed strategies for mate retention. In the EEA, we used to live in small groups and status was very important. The intelligent reasoning that lets most of us override any innate desire to be violent also makes some people, such as parents that kill their children, as well as institutions justify violence illogically, experts say.

Shackleton et al. A Level exam tips Answering exam questions PSYA3 AQA A specification Outline and evaluate research into sexual jealousy as a cause of human aggression 24 marks 8 AO1 marks come from outlining the evolutionary debate in terms of men never being able to be certain that they are the father of a child, and needing to ensure that they are not subject to cuckoldry.

Whilst other cultures may believe being violent can help a male feel dominant. Therefore, the results cannot be applied to all cultures so not generalisable due to cultural differences that arises between different cultures and countries.

evaluating evolutionary psychology
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