Disadvantages and advantages of being latino

According to the survey, only 1 out of 5 Latinos said that being Latino has hurt them in the working world. But you'd be wrong. Reflect on your own family, can you even contemplate the struggle all immigrants go through?

What about in the work force. La manera que valoramos la familia y el sentimiento por todo. Latino entrepreneurs in this year's Inc. We don't think about ourselves as different from other businesses," he says.

That's a fear that many undocumented immigrants do have to live with. Meanwhile, when it comes to fellow co-workers according to those questioned knowing Spanish is another advantage because it allows them to connect with one another.

In the Presidential elections millions of Latinos came out and made their voices heard when we re-elected President Barack Obama. She spoke only a small amount of English, but that didn't deter her, Maldonado says.

being hispanic in america essay

Especially not when you've lived in this country for generations. It's extended into our language, our history, in getting to know our family tree, the food we eat, the music we dance and all the small details that make us who we are.

Here are 10 funny, and slightly serious things, that tend to occur when you come from a Latin family. With the world becoming more biculturaland with areas across the country increasing with a large Latino population the country and world will soon see that we all, Latino or not, are the same in our own unique way.

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Hispanic/Latino Identity