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God will have you circle back to the initial event in his good time. It is accessible to folk who are new to the concept of this way of getting to grips with scripture, whilst also being a great reminder for those who are already familiar.

So I found enough courage and the need to finish my school assignment to give it a try. I know I should write more short stories, but I procrastinate. As with comics, I like analyses of animation as a way of learning about film, because the lack of human actors and overt stylization allows you to focus on form and composition and such like very purely.

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I typically do this project with a historical fiction unit I teach, but it could totally be done with any fiction unit.

Readers would want to know what occurred not only with the people who encountered her that year but even more how she dealt with issues within herself. The hum of activity in the classroom is so much fun!

Sometimes it means asking yourself the hard questions. When have you dug deep to enrich your writing? As a character, Alice needed an arc in the book. Gates of Fire does a great job of describing action in an exciting way while simultaneously exploring the nature of fear, bravery, and loyalty.

Really does what it says its aim is, to help us to 'correctly handle the word of truth' 2 Timothy See Others Do It Well Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us by Dan Pink This quick little video does an excellent job of teaching you something important in a way that is far more memorable and effective than a simple lecture or written chapter.

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Storytelling Part 5: Resources for Digging Deeper