Customer oriented

Make it clear to everyone that customers have a say at your company. From the Hansard archive The objective of the regulation cannot be to abolish the practice of overbooking, but it can be to ensure that this procedure is used in a more reasonable, customer-oriented way.

Rather, if you want to build a customer-first company, for instance, do your best to build a team full of people who are enthusiastic about customer service. We consider this our job at Help Scout. An honest appraisal of how you are doing in the eyes of your customer is critical.

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Not only will this encourage employees to develop creative ways to serve customers, but your employees will also be happier. The quicker you realize that someone isn't a fit for your organization, the quicker you can move on to the right person.

How your employees feel at work has a much bigger impact on how they deal with customers than any training will. We love this because it gets everyone involved and excited to talk with customers, which are the heart and soul of our company.

Empower your staff. From delivery driver to CEO, it is important that every employee in the organization is completely committed to the strategy. This is not to suggest that the customer-orientation model does not value efficiency as an important factor in business.

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What is customer orientation?