Child labor problem solution essay

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As a result, they start to be fitted in that cheap life and find their future in the deep well of labour. Standards should be seen as escalator — as development increases so do the labour standards required in a particular economy.

All around the world, child labor is one of the most widely social issues affecting the younger population, specifically, in India.

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As the gap between the rich and poor grows, more children will be forced to give up school for work. There are basic minimum standards which are applicable to all economies.

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The major reason for these deaths is they live in poverty. Another possibility is that these schools serve food supplements. Some other reasonable things can be the causes to a great extent such as rural poverty, urban migration, draught and other natural disaster and due to other conflicts.

Child labor problem solution essay

The age of 14 should be up to 18 years to save the children from exploitation. One response to this is to act collectively by forming and joining labor unions. To resolve the problem of third-world sweatshops, the American government should pass a Child Labor Prevention Act and the American buyers should force their foreign suppliers to insure better working conditions. Thus, poor can fight for their needs and requirements. By using an unbiased group, it would be harder to have a country not obey and enforce the law. These images were publicized in newspapers for the public to see the terrible conditions of the factories and mines Wagner, Underdeveloped countries around the world have children working in factories to help support their families.

Children gathering potatoes on a large farm, vicin During the 's environmental problems arose with some of IKEAs products and during the 's IKEA was accused that its suppliers were using child labor.

Please like and share Child labour essay post. The problems associated with child labor have always been a part of life but thanks to Globalization, everyone is now more aware of the child labor issues that exist.

Child labour as a social problem

Therefore, solutions need to be developed in reducing child labor and increase literacy rate in Peru. Therefore, many insist on immediately abolishing child labor in developing countries and requiring children to go to school. There are approximately million children under the age of 15 that are working in the child labor industry around the world. Children work for a variety of reasons, the most important being poverty and the induced pressure upon them to escape from this plight. Strict offenses, laws, and policies to combatting the menace. The above figure relates only to full-time child labor, estimates would rise if part-time child labor were included. The general conception holds that more children equate more working hands. Children can possibly never have the perception of things that they used to have because of this. From small businesses to micro-enterprises, unsafe working conditions, low productivity, minimal returns to investment and low to no wages all characterize informal work. It is one of the serious concern in many parts of the world.

Education plays a significant role in mitigating of child labour. Posted by.

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Child Labor Issues, Solutions Essay