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Our Passion. I mean who else will buy your service or product? Wells Fargo: Together we'll go far.

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By trying to frame yourself as a "technology" or even "solutions" company you're actually reminding owners of how other people define them, not how they see their own business issues and priorities.

Paint Nite met this need by creating a fun group environment where participants have common ground to talk to one another.

Is your delivery business done with a fleet of electric cars? TOMS shoe company was officially born.

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Kraft Heinz Co: A little taste of heaven. The get a pair of shoes they want, and a child in Africa gets a pair of shoes they need. Get a "tagcloud" of their home page content to see what words or phrases they use the most.

Instead of looking at the business model, where the business is going, and what they are trying to accomplish then finding a solution that fits the best. It's the cola. To help calm his anxiety, a friend of his had recommended Jeeves.

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