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The non-core competencies shown in this VRIO analysis can further bolster the corporation through strategic moves that bring the competencies closer to being sustainable competitive advantages. Review of Literature On the contrary, high employment rate stimulate e-commerce transactions as more people can afford to spend more. It is the largest internet based retailer in the United States of America. Trust and fraud is another serious concern relating to e-commerce, in the cyber business world, cash transactions or payment on delivery is not really an option. This The Company Amazon. EU has the most comprehensive consumer protection in e-commerce as compared to the rest of the countries. Largest Merchandise Selection — Amazon owns extensive product mix which attracts online customers to make their majority of purchases from it rather than other online retailers. Ingait indicated that economic factors are important to e-commerce. Location tracking is primarily from mobile devices. Ivey Business Journal. The company is one of the most valuable businesses in the world, corresponding to its high market capitalization.

But the teams required a set of common infrastructure instead of rebuilding expensive things like database and storage capacity every time.

Examples of this include Craigslist, eBay and Etsy. Puri, Ritika Legal issues involved in E-commerce.

This phenomenon that occurs is merely a drop in the ocean of the giant that has become Amazon. The concern has increased with the tracking of "gift-giving habits," because the gift-giving information Amazon collects could be about minors, which is against the law and the gift receivers are not aware that their personal information is stored in Amazon's database. Mobile Now Accounts for The massive technology core that keeps Amazon running is a major challenge, next to facing up growing competitors like Walmart, Alibaba, Google in the online business. Researching and understanding the guidelines required to properly implement an e-business plan is a crucial part to becoming successful with online store building. As of November , the company became the largest internet company in the US and a multinational consumer electronics company. Is Amazon a monopoly? Strong brand name — As a global e-commerce giant, Amazon has a strong position and successful brand image in the market. Considering its history of acquisitions and business ventures, Amazon is organized to exploit this competitive advantage, as observed in its acquisition of firms like Twitch and Whole Foods Market. An analysis of the virtual value chain in electronic commerce. The challenges and opportunities of Social Media. It has a strong value chain system which also helps in maintaining a low-cost structure. Although the relative importance of these two kinds of chain depends on the characteristics of the products and services, their integration, nevertheless, plays a critical role in the success of e-commerce. Any online retailer operating in EU and selling to consumers is subjected to regulations regarding distance selling Wilmart For instance, Amazon can host its virtual voice assistant, Alexa, handling the deluge of incoming requests.

The company rents out use of its servers and software for others to use, including AI like image and voice recognition.

Nowadays the e-commerce giant provides a range of services ranging from retail to cloud computing to book publishing. It could creates an opportunity to expand.

First of all, initially, Amazon used Marketplace to try to take on the then number one online retailer, eBay. Amazon has deployed aboutof them in 25 fulfillment centers worldwide.

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Limited brick-and-mortar presence — Amazon owns very limited physical stores. Any online retailer operating in EU and selling to consumers is subjected to regulations regarding distance selling Wilmart It dabbles in plenty more industries.

Such things affect the market reputation of Amazon.

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