An essay on the religious influence of puritan literature

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This experience was one that reflected the Renaissance and Reformation of individuals such as Calvin and Bradstreet. Hawthorne himself was a direct descendent of Puritans, and he obviously held very particular views of his ancestors. The strict religion preve At the end of the phrase, Mary stated that God showed mercy to her by helping her through her afflictions Because Puritanism conformed to such austere guidelines and beliefs that almost completely obliterated the individual's role in the social unit and because the foundation of the religion is to essentially "kill" freedom and liberty in order to create a social purity that is virtually impossible for humans to achieve, I believe that Puritanism would only add to the degradation of society today. American Puritanism began from a crusade for reform in the Church of England, which had a great socio-economic, political, theological and ethical influence on American as a Nation. Literature is apart of these cultures.

The Puritans brought with them a philosophy of life, which is popularly known as American Puritanism. Through Puritan writers, literature is influenced by religious ideologies and philosophies God is so intolerant of sin and evil, that Mary accepted that it was ok for God to take way her children and her lifestyle.

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He is also implying that everyone goes to hell. Winthrop was considered to be a contributor to the concept of American exceptionalism, the idea that the New World is unique to other countries by ideology based on laissez-faire and egalitarianism along with liberty. Perkins Phillip Leininger Puritanism is a collection of many different religious and political beliefs.

Puritan literature was commonly a realistic approach to life. Edwards used powerful words and created vibrant images to take advantage of how fearful the Puritans were to God.

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Says clearly that trouble is around every corner at all times. Inhe delivered his most famous and dynamic speech to a congregation in Enfield, Connecticut.

An essay on the religious influence of puritan literature

Perkins, Barbara Perkins, and Phillip Leininger.

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Puritan Literature Essay