A report of stone building

The opacity of the geology layer can be adjusted using the slider. The roles of vibration caused by vehicles and of biological agents in the destruction of stone are other aspects of deterioration that need to be better understood.

After an initial treatment is applied, should it be used again, or is the once-treated system a completely different system?

A report of stone building

Among them are several kinds of evaluations of strength and of various aspects of porosity, permeability, and conductivity in rock. An acidic catalyst e. They fall into four main groups: inorganic materials, alkoxysilanes, synthetic organic polymers, and waxes. Geological Survey. Development of this data base would do much to improve the level of documentation of treated monuments. Atlases County Atlases: Select an atlas from the list for more information about building stones within each area. More information must be developed on wet and dry deposition of air pollutants and on the whole spectrum of pollutants, not only sul- fates and nitrates. Browser Compatibility The Strategic Stone Study application have been tested in multiple web browsers, however we reccommend using a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best performance.

Such methods should be designed to monitor the special con- ditions that affect these sites, as opposed, for example, to conditions that may affect human health.

In reality, of course, a planar section through a stone would be unlikely to intersect so many contact points between adjacent grains.

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Button — Search for Building or Quarry Stones This tool allows you to identify which stones are found within a particular MPA region, and perform a search to display those sites which match a specified criteria. Materials that have been investigated as stone consolidants are reviewed. Thus the application of strontium and barium hydroxides may reduce the weathering of stone exposed to environ- ments polluted by sulfur oxides. But we need information on how well these treatments have worked. To obtain funding a researcher must restrict his proposal to the narrowly defined interests of an existing funding program within a single agency. For example, the Committee on Stone or the newly established Subcommittee on Building Preservation and Rehabilitation Technology in ASTM might very well be expanded to handle some of these responsibilities. Some conservators have felt that while treatment with calcium hydroxide causes no harm, little permanent consolidation is obtained, 7 i0i while others have recommended the use of limewater to protect limestones from weathering and to consolidate them. In addition, technology used in the analysis and treatment of concrete highways is readily available for use on stone structures.

A related problem concerns the structures of rocks. Figure lb represents a decayed stone which has been treated so as to produce a thin coating of consolidant covering the surface of each grain and bonding the grains together at the contact points.

The bureau maintains up-to-date inventories of producers Report of the Committee 3 anti products.

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This effort should lead to a period of stand. Our discussions revealed many unresolved questions and the absence of a readily definable literature.

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