A disussion on whether the song bloody sunday by u2 can be taken as a reliable source of historical

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In the studio for only half a day, Wickham's electric violin became the final instrumental contribution to the song. How long must we sing this song?

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He was shock by the news. Fuck the revolution! The snare drum is absent from this section, and the guitar parts are muted. I've had enough of Irish Americans who haven't been back to their country in twenty or thirty years come up to me and talk about the resistance, the revolution back home However, U2 was one of the first groups to combine the two beliefs into an idea of aggressive pacifism. Patrick's Day parade. There were some who saw the song as a glorification of the Troubles and a call for revolution. Posted by Micael Dellecaccie At the end of the 60s, Northern Ireland suffered a bitter conflict aimed to achieve independence from the United Kingdom.

The song reached its live peak during the Joshua Tree Tour. Some performances featured slower, more contemplative versions of the song; other concerts saw the wilder, more violent version.

McGuinness met with one of the parade's organizers in a New York bar to arrange the cancellation, and ended up in a heated debate about the IRA.

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The snare drum is absent from this section, and the guitar parts are muted. While newlyweds Bono and Ali Hewson honeymooned in Jamaica , the Edge worked in Ireland on music for the band's upcoming album. That Sunday Paul Hewson was eleven years old, living in the suburbs of Dublin, his father was Catholic and his mother Protestant. I think that says a lot about the audience's trust in us. While the Troubles in Ireland had been resolved by , U2 played the song in tribute to those who died in the Omagh bombing of On September 20th, , Larry Mullen posted a message on the school board looking for young musicians in order to create a band. As the band vamped, Bono would sing "no more! All sons of Abraham. That day was a dramatic Sunday of blood and terror. Critical reception to the song was positive.

How long do we have to put up with this? It was this version of the song that Edge continued to play for all the remaining dates of the tour, dedicating it to Sarajevo every time. The snare drum is absent from this section, and the guitar parts are muted.

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Ten years after the Bloody Sunday, the memory was still alive and the song Sunday Bloody Sunday was inspired by those event.

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Rock History U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday"