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Parallels in hamlet

A foil is also known as a literary device that reveals a character 's true nature by comparing and contrasting him or her to other characters. Pinpointing the main facts that Hamlet and Laertes were supposed to have the same faith as they are both young that fit the role of being a hero as well with the main antagonist Claudius. Hamlet and Claudius do not care about anybody but themselves. It seemed as though Claudius and Hamlet were on the same level the entire time during the play. There is no doubt to Hamlet; the ghost resembles his father and tells a terrible tale, that Claudius, his own brother, murdered him as he lay sleeping in his orchard. Hamlet shows his procrastination with the delayed killing of Claudius. Hamlet and Claudius did not truly love Gertrude and Ophelia and that is the tragic reason for the end of these relationships. Meanwhile, in Hamlet's eyes, Claudius is In some cases, relationships determine the direction life will take and they can change everything. Hamlet Sr. Soon after Polonius's death Ophelia goes mad. A central character who has status and prosperity A defining characteristic of Shakespearean tragedies is a powerful and high ranking protagonist. Each relationship is different, some are good and some are bad. He …show more content… Claudius never loved the queen Gertrude, but he may have had a small amount of physical attraction to her. In tragedy, this moment is known as the ultimate peripeteia or the point of no return for the protagonist.

Consequently, Hamlet consumed with rage automatically thrusts out attempting to kill Claudius, but instead strikes Polonius. A relationship can only be good and last for a long time if both the parties are in love. In Hamlet, Claudius killed King Hamlet to take the kingdom and the wife of the king.

It is the great similarities between Laertes, Throughout the play, Gertrude and Claudius seem to be very much in love, they are constantly kissing and hugging but when their relationship is observed more closely, it is obvious that this is not the case.

Because Hamlet suspects that someone is listening to his conversation with Ophelia, he acts like a mad man and says cruel things to Ophelia. In some cases, relationships determine the direction life will take and they can change everything.

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Soon after Polonius's death Ophelia goes mad.

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Comparison of Hamlet and Claudius Essay