5th grade hero essay

She speaks all over the area. Keep in mind that you should support your argument with examples.

Who is your hero

She's been through a lot. Reading helps to refine writing skills, we suggest searching for essay samples, no matter what kind of paper you're working on. She reminds students to respect others no matter what religion, color, or race. So that's why my brother is my hero. He just has always been there for me and I want to be there for him. That was my first time on a huge rollercoaster. I believe the connections Sonia Warshawski makes with all people from all generations can teach us to understand each other better. She is an amazing woman who survived the Holocaust, started her own business, gives back to her community, and became my hero.

For example, in tap class, I've been having a hard time because I haven't taken tap in a very long time. Beth Kastrud Union Township Middle School Grade 5 My parents are my heroes mostly because they go out of their way to help me every day. Brainstorm your ideas to choose your hero.

She is a really good parent to know.

my mom is my hero essay

The basalt hit his car, but he was safe. First, she is sweet because sometimes picks up donuts for us on the weekends. My mom and my dad are very loving and caring and I look up to them, so they're my biggest heroes.

hero essay ideas

Try to start your essay with a quote, put a question, or provide the audience with an anecdote.

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"My Hero, Sonia Warshawski" The Heartfelt Essay That Won This 5th Grader An Award